Hank’s Cats

hanks catI’ve had cats most my life. After several years without a cat, my wife and myself decided to adopt a kitten from the shelter as therapy for our son who has autism. This was such a great decision, our cat Natti is one of the family and she has bonded with us in a very special way. I own a yard where I run a small car dealership and repair shop,VolksMasters. For many years there was a feral cat who never came close to me but stayed in the yard because I would leave food for her. I adopted another cat for my office and she has also become family. Soon another cat showed up and she was very friendly. One day I arrived at my yard to find a bushel of kittens that someone must have dumped. I instantly became a “cat daddy” and did my best to save them. They all survived and grew and thrived. I also became involved with TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, return). All the cats were fixed and given a clean bill of health. Today I care for a colony of over 20 cats plus some visitor cats as well as my house and office cats. It’s a lot of work but the joy these beautiful creatures give me is priceless.

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