About Us

Welcome To Volksmasters

Welcome to VolksMasters. We are an automobile repair shop in Hialeah Gardens, Florida. We specialize in Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.

Volksmasters was founded in 2008 by owner Henry “Hank” Colado as a small appointment-only-based business. Hank noticed an unfulfilled need in South Florida for a high level of independent service on VW vehicles and Audi automobiles. Since then, VolksMasters has grown into a full-service automotive shop. VolksMasters has long been involved in the grassroots efforts of the Volkswagen vehicle and Audi enthusiast community and this has helped to garner the respect of the area and has made the shop the premier destination for owners of VW and Audi automobiles.

We can ensure the absolute best care of your VW vehicle and Audi automobile and at a fair price. One key to our success is in independent specialization. Volkswagen vehicles and Audi automobiles are part of the same company and share a majority of common systems and components such as Ford and Mercury, or Honda and Acura. Other automotive shops choose to service many different vehicle brands at a lower level of service. Mastering one automotive company can be a challenge. Mastering multiple brands of vehicles and being proficient in all is near impossible. Volksmasters is able to focus 100% of their attention and resources on mastering the service of only Volkswagen vehicles and Audi automobiles. This translates to higher accuracy and lower ownership costs in the long run. We encourage you to call and make an appointment with Volksmasters today. If required, you can have your automobile towed to our facility at any time following an emergency.

Quality Independent Automotive Service

You will find the independent service at Volksmasters second to none. We offer the highest quality replacement parts from OEM suppliers. Our knowledgeable and friendly service staff are available to answer any questions you may have and guide you in taking the best possible care of your vehicle. Contact Volksmasters for all your Volkswagen vehicle or Audi automotive needs today!

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. We are passionate about Volkswagens and we cannot wait to make your car buying/repair experience an excellent one. We are committed to providing an outstanding internet experience that keeps you coming back again and again and if you are in the South Florida area we also look forward to meeting you in person.