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Welcome To Volksmasters

A Little About Us

We are an automobile repair shop in Hialeah Gardens, Florida. We specialize in Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. Volksmasters was founded in 2008 by owner Henry “Hank” Colado as a small appointment-only-based business. Hank noticed an unfulfilled need in South Florida for a high level of independent service on VW vehicles and Audi automobiles. Since then, VolksMasters has grown into a full-service automotive shop. VolksMasters has long been involved in the grassroots efforts of the Volkswagen vehicle and Audi enthusiast community and this has helped to garner the respect of the area and has made the shop the premier destination for owners of VW and Audi automobiles.

We do not only love VW and Audi automobiles, but also love our “shop cats”. They are very important to our family. Read more about how cats became part of our shop.

Automotive Maintenance, Repair and Service

We at Volksmasters have a passion for VW and Audi vehicles. We love working on them. Our highly trained technicians know exactly how to take care of these well engineered vehicles.

oil service

Oil Service

Changing your oil regularly can extend the life of your engine. We recommend routine intervals of 5,000 miles for engine oil replacement and new filters. We use Liqui Moly products when replacing the oil in your Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. Our technicians have decades of experience to take care of these well engineered cars. So, bring your vehicle in today and get the VIP treatment.

ecu chip tuning

ECU / Chip Tuning

If you have a newer car, then it has an ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU is the “brain” of your vehicle that processes information from all of the sensors. In order to get the best performance, we recommend remapping the ECU. Our technicians are well qualified and use the latest technology in order to get you the best performance out of your vehicle.

check engine light

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is crucial to letting you know that something is wrong with your VW or Audi. If your engine light comes on, you need to have it checked out immediately. Don’t continue driving it or you can cause damage that can result in costly repairs. Have it towed to our shop Volksmasters Hialeah Gardens, Florida for an accurate diagnosis.

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