I.D. Electric Hatch Will Get Three Battery Options: Report

I.D. Electric Hatch Will Get Three Battery Options: Report

The Volkswagen I.D. hatchback will be arriving with three range levels and the company is expecting to sell 100,000 of them per year in 2020.

That comes straight from VW, according to Auto Express. VW’s e-mobility boss Christian Senger told the site that “we will have three different ranges of I.D. hatchback, to allow for people with different budgets. The entry-level car will have a WLTP range of 330km (205 miles), and it will also have more limited performance. If people want a faster car then I don’t want them coming back after three months telling me that it’s fast but that the range is too short. So if you want a fast car, you’ll need a bigger battery – simple.”

The mid-level car, Senger says, will have a 280-mile range. The company is still working on what the range-topper will be capable of.

The car’s new MEB platform boasts a long wheelbase for more interior space. The wheelbase is 7.9-inches longer than the Golf’s with a similar footprint. It’ll be capable of charging at up to 125 kW.

Senger told Auto Express that the I.D. would be a more simple order process. “There will still be enough versions of I.D. but it will be much less complex, yes. You’ll still be able to choose different colors and specs of seats, but you won’t get the thousands of permutations that come with, say, a combustion-engined Golf.” Though much of that complexity is Euro-specific. In the UK, for example, the Golf is offered with about six engines, plus performance models, and three different gearbox choices.

Production will start at the company’s Zwickau plant, capable of up to 1,500 vehicles per day.

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